September 03, 2013

We just launched our Referral Program! Start saving today!

Give us a hand, reap the rewards

Recommend Houdinisoft to a friend and receive a 10% Discount coupon.

We’ll also strengthen your social grip by giving anybody who uses your referral link 15% off their entire order. After all, the best things in life deserve rewards.

Houdinisoft talking points, for your stubborn friends:

  • We automatically flash more phones than any competitor 700+
  • We add new phones weekly
  • We have the largest support database available
  • We offer live training webinars weekly
  • We offer live enterprise support to all customers at no extra charge
  • We are the reliable most trusted flashing solution on the market
  • We pioneered the flashing industry with MetroPCS and other large nationwide providers
  • We fought the DMCA to allow flashing to continue
  • We love working with all of our customers and go the extra mile to make sure they succeed

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