October 25, 2013

Samsung S4 MSL Unlock App

Having trouble getting your MSL? No Problem! Follow the steps below or watch the video for instructions to obtain your MSL/SPC and get your Sprint Galaxy S4 Flashed Today!

  1. Ensure WiFi is enabled on the device to allow internet access.
  2. Open the Android Market/Google Play Store and search for the "Get My MSL" Android application
  3. This will direct you to Download & Install the "Get My MSL" Android application. DO NOT OPEN APP YET.
  4. Once Installation is complete, Open the Dial Pad on your device
  5. Dial ##3282# and enter incorrect MSL (ex. 654321) then press Home to exit
  6. Now launch the "Get My MSL" application
  7. Press "Get My MSL" button on the bottom left hand corner of the screen and your MSL will be displayed on screen
  8. Enter this 6-Digit MSL into Houdini when prompted and continue with the provisioning process

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