Samsung SCH-R830 Axiom US Cellular

Phone Pre-Setup:
      • Phone must be in Diagnostic mode, Instructinos below:
      • Dial ##8778# and set to ALL
      • Phone is now in the correct mode to load drivers and continue with the provisioning process
    • Alternate Pre-Provisioning Instructions
      • Dial *#22745927
      • Click enable hidden menu, then go back to the dial pad
      • Dial **87284 and Click on Qualcomm USB Settings
      • Select DM + MODEM + ADB

      If Houdini says the device cannot be provisioned but the device is showing in your device manager, please follow the these instructions.


      1. With the device plugged:
      2. Dial *#22745927
      3. Click enable hidden menu, then go back to the dial pad
      4. Dial **87284 and Click on Qualcomm USB Settings
      5. Set to PDA
      6. Select Qualcomm USB Settings
      7. Set to MTP + ADB
      8. Disable USB Debugging Mode (Menu> Settings> Developer Options)
        • If you don't see Developer Options, Enable them by going to Menu> Settings> About Device and Tap "Build Number" 7 times. This will enable Developer Options.
      9. Allow Drivers to load completely.  This can take up to 5 minutes.
      10. Device should now appear in device manager as Samsung Mobile USB Composite Device
      11. Now..With the phone still plugged in, turn off and turn on (Restart the device)
      12. After the phone finished restarting, 
      13. *#22745927
      14. Click enable hidden menu, then go back to the dial pad
      15. Dial **87284
      16. Make sure PDA is still selected and select Qualcomm USB Settings
      17. Select DM+Modem+ADB
      18. Again allow the drivers to load
      19. Detect


      Device and Programming Instructions:

      • Dial ##626#
      • Enter SPC 000000 and press OK
      • Select Edit
      • Press "Touch Here"
      • Enter new MDN (10 digit phone number) and press Done
      • Enter new MIN (10 digit number) and press Done
      • Select Done
      • Phone will power cycle and programming is now complete

        Youtube Fix

        If you are unable to play videos on Youtube after a full flash and data is working, please follow these steps:

        • Dial ##3282# > Edit > SPC > others > multimedia
        • Above method was tested changing all IP's to and all Ports to 0

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        Cable: MTC

        Symbol: Bear

        Compatible Cellebrite Cable: 100

        Cable Image: 

        SCH-R760 Galaxy S II