Samsung SPH-L710 Galaxy S3 Sprint

Phone Pre-Setup

PLEASE NOTE: If the device is on the Android 4.3 OS, you will be required to get the SPC/ MSL for the device before flashing. Since the update, Houdini will not be able to automatically unlock the device without you manually inputting the SPC/MSL during the flash. In most cases, customers may call Sprint to get the SPC/MSL for the device. Alternately, a handful of applications can be found online that may assist with getting the SPC/MSL as well. (Please note the app, "Get My MSL" will only work on Android 4.1.2 devices.) 


Pre- Provisioning Instructions

  • Open Dial Pad
    Dial *#7284# or ##3424#
    Leave UART untouched
    Select Qualcomm USB Settings
    Select DM + MODEM + ADB or RMNET + DM + MODEM
    Press OK then Back until you are at the Home Screen
    Phone is ready to be provisioned
  • (Remember after flashing to return and put phone back to MTP+ADB)
    If Houdini says the device cannot be provisioned but the device is showing in your device manager, please follow the these instructions.
    1. With the device plugged in:
    2. Dial *#7284# or ##3424# 
    3. Set UART to PDA
    4. Select Qualcomm USB Settings
    5. Set to MTP + ADB
    6. Disable USB Debugging Mode (Menu> Settings> Developer Options)
      1. If you don't see Developer Options, Enable them by going to Menu> Settings> About Device and Tap "Build Number" 7 times. This will enable Developer Options.
    7. Allow Drivers to load completely.  This can take up to 5 minutes.
    8. Device should now appear in device manager as Samsung Mobile USB CDC Composite Device
    9. Now..With the phone still plugged in, turn off and turn on (Restart the device)
    10. After the phone finished restarting, Dial *#7284# or ##3424# 
    11. Make sure PDA is still selected and select Qualcomm USB Settings
    12. Select DM+Modem+ADB
    13. Again allow the drivers to load.
    14. Detect
    (Remember after flashing to return and put phone back to MTP+ADB)
    If the devices does not detect you may have to perform a master reset. (Instructions Below)
    Menu > Settings > Back up and Reset > Factory Data Reset
  • Set Network Mode to "CDMA" (Instructions below)
    Select Menu then Settings
    Under Wireless and Networks, choose More Settings
    Scroll down to Mobile Networks
    Select Network Mode and set to CDMA
  • Dial ##000000# (If SPC is not "000000" then you must obtain correct SPC from your provider"
    Select Edit
    Select MDN
    Enter new MDN (10 digit phone number) and press OK
    Select MSID
    Enter new MIN (10 digit number) and press OK
    Press Back then Done
    Phone will power cycle and programming is now complete
Reference Links
USB Cable
  • MTC Bear
Tips and Tricks
  • Alternative Activation
    • If the device is not functioning properly after a flash has completed, attempt to active with the Decimal form of the MEID (ex. 256XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) instead of the HEX "IMEI" (ex. 990000XXXXXXXX)
Video Tutorials
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Install Drivers for Samsung Galaxy S3