Samsung SPH-D720 (Nexus S 4G)

Supported Carriers:

(Test_List), Cricket, Cricket STX, Cricket Corporate, Revol, Mobi, Page Plus, Ntelos, Generic, Blue Wireless, Alltel, ClearTalk, MobileNation, Smart, IV Cellular, Carolina West, Next G Mobile, TalkForGood Wireless

Phone Pre-Setup:



  • Houdini Provisioning Instructions
    • First make sure the Samsung SPH-D720 is in the on position using MTC Cable. Make sure your connection between the handset and computer are secure and snap in correctly. Wait for the charging symbol to appear on the screen. Continue normally with the Houdini Detect button and complete the Houdini process.
  • Additional Pre-Provisioning Instructions
    • Power the phone on
    • Dial *#*#8778#*#* or *#*#3424#*#*
    • Set Uart Path (MODEM)
    • Set USB path (MODEM)
        • If the phone does not detect initially detect, while the phone is plugged in, redial ##8778#
        • Set UART and USB back to PDA, then Exit to Home Screen
        • Then Redial ##8778# and set both back to Modem
        • If the phone still fails to detect, retry these settings again with USB debugging mode on.
    • Continue normally with houdini and powercycle the handset when complete






    • Disable WiFi
    • Ensure 4G Data is Disabled
    • Ensure that the Sprint Connection Optimizer is Disabled
    • Ensure 3G Data is Enabled
    • Ensure Roaming is Enabled
    • Ensure Roaming Guard is Disabled

    Device and Programming Instructions:


    • Manual Programming:
      • Power the phone on and press left greeen call button under the Home key
      • Select Dialer and enter *#*#000000#*#* or *#*#468346#*#* and select Edit
      • Press "touch here" to start editing information
      • Enter MDN (10 digit number) click bottom right Enter key
      • Enter MIN (10 digit number) click bottom right Enter key
      • Select Done when complete
      • The phone will power cycle and programming is now complete
    • Youtube Fix
      • Dial ##3282# or *#*#3282#*#*
      • Select Edit
      • Enter SPC 000000
      • Select Others
      • Select Multimedia
      • Change IP's to
      • Change Ports to 0
      • Restart Youtube and issue should be resolved.
    • Alt Youtube Fix (If above option does not work):
      • Press Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications
      • Browse for the YouTube app
      • Clear Data
      • Restart YouTube
      • Videos should now stream without issue.


    Reference Links:




    Cable: MTC

    Symbol: Bear

    Compatible Cellebrite Cable: 100

    Cable Image:

    SPH-D720 (Nexus S 4G)