Houdinisoft Corporate History

HoudiniSoft is the leader in enterprise CDMA provisioning software. We offer robust reliable and tested solutions for CDMA wireless devices. Our solutions have been designed for advanced mass deployments in both retail and reverse logistical operations. Houdinisoft was co-founded in 2006 and led by wireless industry veteran Paul Posner, former owner of Pocket Communications. Pocket operated in central and south Texas until it's acquisition in 2011 by Leap Wireless, Cricket.  We pioneered the market space and continue to be the number one trusted and reliable solution for wireless carriers, dealers and business owners across the country.  We enjoy watching our partners succeed.  Our outstanding relationships and loyal customer base of partners has played a major role in our success. Houdinisoft officially launched in 2006.  Read more about here... Read about MetroFlash..

Wireless Retailers & Carriers

Wireless dealers on compatible networks can sign up today. Are you ready to add a profitable service to your Wireless store? Don't wait start flashing today! It's simple and take less than 15 minutes to sign up and start flashing.  Feel free to chat or call in to speak with our staff if you have any questions.  Click here to view our Getting Started Guide. Wireless Carriers can contact us by emailing info at houdinisoft.com.

Live Experienced Support Team

Our support team is hard at work ready to answer your questions.  We enjoy working with all of our members and have many success stories throughout our eight year company history.  We've helped dealers and carriers increase customer retention while reducing hardware overhead and churn rates.  Our solutions continue to separate our members from the competition year after year.   We offer live phone support, live chat and email support.  We work hard to keep our members ahead of the pack.  To get started just register and purchase credits and/or an unlimited license.  North, East, South and West, we'd be honored to work with you.  Signup today and find out why Houdini members keep coming back!

Flash Guarantee

We don't charge for re-flashes as long as the MEID, MDN and MIN remain the same.  That means you can offer the best to your customers to keep them coming back.

Free Flash Credit Program

Have a phone we don't support?  Let us know and you could get free flashing credits! More information..